Join hands to see success

 Funding: There will be several ways/ methods and means of fund raising for this project which is estimated to cost approximately 36 billion. There is need for intensive publicity and strong collaboration with the press who will help in disseminating information to the public. The press is the ear and eye of the public so we request the press to be among the best friends of the Museum Project. Some of the areas so far thought of to fund raise include:

a)      Friends of Namugongo: These are all kinds of people of God who have Namugongo at heart irrespective of religion, tribe or race. Among those who were martyred include Muslims, Catholics and Anglicans.

b)     The Government of Uganda: As this museum is both national and international, there is no doubt we shall request the government of Uganda to come out and help in funding this noble project. We are already in touch with some sectors in the government and some of these are Ministry of Tourism, Prime Minister’s Office and others.

c)      Foreign Bodies: As Uganda Martyrs museum Namugongo Church of Uganda ia an international cause, we greatly expect foreign bodies to come on board. Among these are UNESCO, Embassies and NGOs.

d)     Local Contribution: Uganda Martyrs Museum Namugongo Church of Uganda is mainly a project with its roots in Uganda and is spear headed by the Province of the Church of Uganda. It is proposed that if each of the 25 dioceses in the Province, the diocesan bishop willingly approached only 2000 parishioners in his diocese, we shall comfortably realize 50 billion. If each of these good intentioned parishioners can as an individual or family, or a groupcontribute one million, the project can be accomplished in 2 years. This may be paid in four installments. Those who will each contribute one million whether paid once or in installments will have their names inscribed on the nicely placed plaque in the museum with a certificate so that that individual, family or group can be permanently recognized.

e)      Local contribution of less than one million: Individuals who can contribute less than one million will also be welcome. This can be made at their local church, sub parish or at any other level. Experience gained in fund raising at lower levels sometimes proves to be a little laborious to collect, manage and remit the fund to the center. We are likely to assign this to individual dioceses to collect this money on behalf of the center so that everybody is given chance to contribute to Martyrs museum.

f)       Sale of items: There will be items well-made like badges, car stickers to be sold to friends of Namugongo. This method can work locally and also abroad to friends of Namugongo. If 500,000 badges and car stickers were made and each was sold at 10,000/=, the project is likely to realize 5,000,000,000/=. However, the success of this item depends on the honesty of those who will be assigned to sell. It shall require strict supervision and monitoring.

g)      Local Contribution – Business Community: There shall be need to aggressively approach the business community country wide to contribute to the museum cause. If organized well, the museum project may realize one billion shillings.