PROJECT SITE. The project is intended to be constructed at the Martyrs Shrine Namugongo, Kira Town Council Wakiso Disrict. It is expected that the project will improve the face of the place as we hope to make it a site of national and international tourism attraction. We want thousands of pilgrims who flock the place on every 3rdJune and other tourist who shall visit the place throught the year to leave the place when they appreciate the importance of the Ugandan martyrs and value them.  

PROJECT AIM. To create a unique environment in which people who will visit Namugongo Museum on every 3rd June and on other days will not only appreciate the rich religious history of the Ugandan Martyrs which will help them to recommit themselves more to their faith but also the rich  history of Ugandan culture stretching thousands of years back. It is planned that an area will be availed in the museum as a one stop centre where the rich cultural values of Uganda will be exhibited. Intensive hunt for different items has started in different parts of the country

Project Services.

(i)     Interactive services The museum will offer interactive services that will offer a learning environment for all people irrespective of race, tribe, religious affiliation, age and sex of the pilgrims. The museum will have open-art stations and galleries, lounge, internet station and library and the contracted architect will provide an artistic impression of all the service areas in the museum. The project will house various levels of art exhibition in the museum and shall purposely be placed according to religious, political and cultural history of Uganda.                       

  The trained staff of the museum will provide routine guidance to help visitors understand thoroughly the meaning attached to the exhibitions. There will be the portraits and literature about each of the Ugandan martyrs and church leaders since the coming of Christianity in Uganda.

(ii)   Workshops/ Conferences. It is anticipated that as the years go by, the museum will host conferences and workshops on various issues. This is intended to add value to the services provided and to attract more interest from various sections of the public. However outsiders will be free to hire the hall to organise conferences/ workshops and this will be a way of realising additional income.

(iii)  The little people lounge.       The project intends to establish a place of young visitors 5 to 12 years who will freely explore their creativity and curiosity since they are not ready for the adult open –art exhibition. The intention is to prepare them in that when they are of age they will be the potential and regular visitors to the museum with much appreciation. The lounge will be stocked with an evolving supply of creative and challenging playthings.

(iv)   Library and Literature for sale. The museum will provide an opportunity for pilgrims and visitors to access sales of publications (books, magazines and newsletters). The museum proposes to publish an annual newsletter that will be sold and posted on to the museum website. The museum will also house a fully stocked library with writings from authorities. University students that conduct empirical based research on the subject matter of the Ugandan martyrs will also receive audience in the library to help elucidate fallacies surrounding the rebellious nature of the martyrs. It is important to note that the number of pilgrims who flock the Martyrs shrine every year on the 3rd June is very big and therefore the books relevant to the subject matter must be available for sale so that the pilgrims go back to refresh themselves more so on martyrdom.