I Know God loved me and He bought my life with Blood price!

".JOHN 15: 5 "NIV I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him he will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do northing"


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Why devt of Uganda martyrs’ museum?

On September 15 the Archbishop of the Church of the province of Uganda, His Grace Stanley Ntagali, commissioned the Church of Uganda martyrs’ Museum Namugongo Development committee whose key objective is making the Anglican site a one-stop international tourist attraction showcasing the rich religious and cultural values of Uganda.

The Anglican (COU) was previously run under the banner of Church Mission Society and Native Anglican church and it pioneered education, health and other social service provision, nonetheless, there was a lull in promoting social economic activities that would create wealth for the church which would in turn be used to spread the gospel.

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Welcome to Uganda Martyrs Museum

The Blood And The Arshes Of The  Martyrs 
"The Seed Of The Gospel"
It Is Now Open

Monday to Sunday

International visitors pay 5 Euro or Dollars
East Africa
Adults Ush 5000,
Ordinands Ushs 3000 and
Children Ush 2000

Visit Us Please
Archbishop Nkoyooyo shows the art depicting the road to martyrdom which will be central in the museum.
Torture Tree
The historical tree where the martyrs were tortured from
One of the illustrations in the museum
Brave Woman
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Friends of the Uganda Martyrs

Friends of the Uganda Martyrs are those people who contribute generously to the development of the Uganda Martyrs Museum. Such people are good friends to christ and the Church. This is because by doing so, they are bringing their families and friends to the Lord.

Kawuku 4.5.2014:

  • Charles Tamale
  • Christine Nabukalu
  • Christine Nakabuye
  • Edith Rachel Kyeyune
  • Edward Muguluma
  • Emmanuel Tushabe

Mukono Cathedral:

  • Mr & Mrs Semanda
  • Mr & Mrs Kaddu Mukasa D.
  • Mr Kyeswa
  • Justice & Mrs Mukasa
  • Stanely Munabi
  • Mr Semusambwa
  • Ana Yesiko
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Be part of the Development

Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action. If you have free will, commitment, and want to engage and express solidarity 11.

Together, we can accomplish more. You can give money to fuel the construction, volunteer your time or lend your voice to a cause that matters to you